TRB 140 - No web filter

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I have a TRB 140 which I am using as a back up connection at home, while messing around with setting I wanted to see how easy it is to use some form of web filtering. I have searchied throught the menus and couldnt find anything (at least I think i have, I mean unless its hiding)

So of course i googled the answer and found my way to telnika wiki which suggests that it is present, link below,

Still after clicking the Advanced tab and updating to the lateset firmware I am still unable to find this tab.

Is web filtering a thing on the TRB 140? Or am I missing something obvious…

Any help will be greatfully appreciated.

Are you very very sure you enabled the Advanced view as mentioned in the documentation?


Firstly, you should download this package in the WebUI. Navigate to System → Package Manager → Packages, find ‘Web Filter’, and install it.

Hope it helps!

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@Marija Thank you so much. That is exactly the reason why i couldnt find it.

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