Time format sent in data to server is not UTC

Hello, I am sendind a JSON packet using the data to server configurations but our servers only recognise UTC time and not the Day/Month/Year time format you have is it at all possible to change that format beeing sent to a UTC format. My data packet looks like this:
“equipmentCode”: “%server_name%”,
“dataSourceData” :
“code” : “%name%”,
“timestamp” : “%date%”,
“quality”: 3,
“value”: %data%,
“valueDataType”: “Integer”


In the data-to-server settings, you can change the format type to “Custom” and format your JSON string as you prefer. Below is an example of the option that should output time in the format you require. Test it with your server.

2024-02-29-13-29-49-RUTX12 - Teltonika Networks — Mozilla Firefox

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