Three IpSec tunnels in one Teltonika

It is possible to use three Ipsec Tunnels in RUT240 ?
I would like to implement following network

RUT240(Router1) → IpSec1 → RUT240(Router2)
RUT955 (Router3) → IpSec2 → RUT240(Router2)
RUT955(Router4) → Ipsec3 ->RUT240(Router2)


Yes, you can create multiple IPSec instances.

There’s no restriction on the number of IPsec tunnels you can create on any of our devices. However, the ability of your device to manage IPsec tunnels depends on its hardware, i.e. CPU. Thus, the amount of traffic each tunnel carries, as well as your encryption settings are important here. Note that when comparing RUT9 and RUT2 devices, the RUT950, with its more powerful CPU, can support more IPsec instances compared to RUT2 devices. Similarly, RUTX devices can handle even more connections.

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