The archive of the old Community Support forum is LIVE!

Dear Community Members,

The old forum and it’s public contents are back! You can access it at:

However, there are some important changes that you need to be aware of before using the old forum:

  • The old forum is now read-only. This means that you cannot post new questions, comments, or replies on the old forum. You can only browse and search the existing content for reference purposes.

  • If you have a new question or issue that you want to discuss with the community, please use the new forum instead.

  • The old forum does not have any user accounts or private messages anymore. For security reasons, we have deleted all the personal information and data from the old forum, including usernames, passwords, email addresses, and messages. Therefore, you cannot log in to your old account or access your old messages. This change is to stay.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these changes, but we hope that you will appreciate the benefits of having both the old and the new forums being accessible. We also encourage you to share your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our community platform further.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Your Teltonika Networks Team


Since you turn old forum in “knowledge base” please add links to it in new forum.

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I go away for 2 weeks, come back and the forum is busted :slight_smile: Glad to see everyone safe & sound here!

Shame that DMs sent via the old forums were also nuked, had loads of great info stored in those messages… @Daumantas I guess our conversations about modem commands and modbus and such are all gone?

Unfortunately, yes :frowning:
However, this forum offers much more features when compared to the last one, and we hope to expand it even more!

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Hi !

How do you add a tag to a post ?

This was good help in the old forum.



Tags will only be reserved for moderators in this forum, as many posts in the old forum were mislabeled.
However, this forum has a much more extensive search function, as well as better search algorithms. We will start utilizing tags in the near future.

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This is great. Thank you very much.

BTW: is possible to add more options when creating or editiing topic in new Forum?
Like HTML style for Font change, size, colors etc. Old forum had more options.