Telus SIM cards "denied", "disconnected"

I have three RUT240s. All three work fine with a Rogers SIM card using APN ltedata.apn.

Customer provided three Telus SIM cards with static IP on a data-only plan, using APN

None of the Telus SIM cards will work on the RUT240s. I get operator = “N/A”, operator state = “denied” and data connection state = “disconnected”. Cusomer has triple-checked the SIM cards and I have contacted Telus support to confirm the cards are activated.

In Web UI, under Status/Network/Mobile it seems to be continually trying to connect. If I click on the Restart Connection button on the bottom sometimes the operator will briefly show “Telus”, sometimes the operator state will briefly show “registered, home”.

Is this a SIM card problem or a RUT240 problem?

I resolved the issue. I had to switch from Basic to Advanced mode in the RUT240 Web UI and then under Network/Mobile/Network Operators, change the connection mode to Auto. It then picked up Telus as the operator and the data connection was established.

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