Teltonika VPN Hubs ssh forwarding

I’m having problems to connect via ssh on port 22222. My device is connected to a RUT955.

I was able to configure the VPN to connect via port 80 to our device and also to ping it, but I haven’t been able to connect through ssh. I have been following this guide and this one. When I try to connect via ssh, the command just never ends, the connection doesn’t get refused. It might have to do with the fact that the ssh port for a this device is 22222, maybe as it isn’t the default 22 it doesn’t get forwarded.

ssh -p 22222 [local_ip]

Any suggestions on this topic? Thanks in advance!


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Beside the provided command above, can you try the following when accessing RUT955 via SSH in port 22222:

ssh -p 22222 root@[local_ip]

Let me know the results!


Hello @Janmiguel !
I tested that with the same result (actually that’s how I have tried always).
I’m not trying to ssh into my RUT955, but to another device connected to the RUT955 using VPN Hubs.

In the picture attached you can see the results of pinging without VPN (Failed), with OpenVPN connected (success) and ssh (unfinished/blocked).

This is the configuration that I have in Teltonika RMS


For further troubleshooting, can you try to utilize RMS Connect. click Add → Auto Scan → Select the device behind RUT955 → for port number, select Other, then input 2222.

Also, there might be an option for your end device to enable remote SSH. Kindly check for the same.

Let me know if this is able to access the SSH of your device.


That worked! Thank you very much.
One last question. Is there a way to apply these rules fleetwide? Or do I have to set up the hub for each router and add the port number LAN rule for each device?

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