Teltonika rutx50

I reset the rutx50 and I don’t have the default password at the beginning. Can you help me with this case?


its on the sticker / back of de device… :slight_smile:


As @MIke77NL mentioned earlier, the device password should be located on the underside of your router. Due to the latest security measures, default passwords like ‘admin01’ are no longer used. Instead, they are randomly generated for your own security protection.

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Hello @Marijus,
I lost this sticker under the router. So is there another way to get this randomly generated password? I have the serial number and IMEI.
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Marwan Elkholy


We can’t provide it here, as device authenticity would need to be checked. So, contact your designated sales manager or the reseller from whom you have purchased the device for further assistance. If they still have the password for your device, there’s a possibility they can provide it to you. But as mentioned, this depends on the device and when it was purchased, because the passwords are not stored for long periods of time for security reasons.

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