Teltonika RUTX50 client connection routing for 2 ISP connections

I am currently using a RUTX50 for 5G NSA connection which serves data over both LAN and WiFi. I am locked into a contract with the ISP for that connection until March next year so I’m at least keeping it for now.

For certain applications like online gaming the 5G connection is not optimal so I have considered trying to add a DSL connection to the same device from another ISP (since fiber is not available where I live). And then serve either connection type to clients through the RUTX50.

And yes it would mean paying for 2 ISP plans for a while which is kind of dumb I know. I will have to see how things go next year, if e.g. 5G SA becomes available, assuming that helps at all or just switch to DSL only if that was possible and suitable etc…

I have created a rough (sorry :rofl:) picture of the idea, where e.g. the DSL connection would be served LAN (ADSL box) to WAN (RUTX50) or I assume that’s how it should work and then served over RUTX50 LAN port to e.g. a PC client.

Then the 5G NSA connection would be served over LAN/WiFi as it currently is.

I am not an expert on networking setups and in particular how such a concept could be achieved using the RUTX50 software so I would appreciate it if someone could outline the possible steps to achieve this if such a setup would be possible.


If you look at my posts from the last few days, this is exactly what I am doing (trying) on the RUTX50 as well

Thanks! I read through it and was able to follow the logic of the replies but it’s not clear. Based on the linked post there it would seem that for the RUTX50 that routing rules would be the best option.

I get the point of assigning DHCP ranges to each connection type but where and how exactly do you accomplish that?

My starting point would be these sections of the admin tools I guess.
/network/wan → wan
/network/wan → mob1s1a1

This is where I set the DHCP ranges for each VLAN

Sort of a change of plan so this post will kind of close I guess…

I was in contact with a local ISP to inquire about getting a VDSL connection. It would be like 100 mbps max (I think they cap it to guarantee the connection speed) and I would need to get a VDSL modem as well - I could I guess get a simpler model myself (that doesn’t have multiple LAN ports and WiFi) so that might work.


The ISP was not recommending the option though, well of course not… Over time though such connections might be ramped down with users being force to switch to mobile.

I discovered that they do actually offer a 5G SA connection but only if you purchase their full solution and their equipment. So a ZTE unit outside and a Huawei mesh device inside. I was under the impression that they do not offer 5G SA at this point, but that is for SIM only plans. So no SIM only 5G SA until next year perhaps.

If you sign up for their 5G home internet plan (with their hardware) or a phone SIM you can get 5G SA but not SIM only. I asked if a phone SIM option would function in the RUTX50 and the guy said no :grin:

Anyway since I’m locking into a 5G NSA contract until early next year I guess I will wait and see what happens and see then if I can swtich to 5G SA SIM only at that point. And maybe also look at getting an external antenna. I don’t know if this ZTE outdoor unit that the ISP is offering is any good though…

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