Teltonika RUTX50 Antennas

Hi there, I have a question about the antennas on the Teltonika RUTX50. From another forum, I have been advised to use certain antenna ports for an external antenna, in my house and in my campervan.

See quoted text from this forum,
"From what I can tell from a data sheet for the Quectel RG501Q-EU, it uses antenna ports A0 and A3 as the primary MIMO for 4G and as the two main TX ports for 5G. This means it should operate fine with the XPOL-2-5G or your PUCK-5 antenna connected to the outer two cellular antenna ports, assuming they map to A0 and A3 on the internal modem. This will provide most of the download performance and the full upload speed.

The two middle ports (A1 and A2 on the internal modem) provide the second MIMO pair for 4G and the two diversity connections for 5G, which would provide additional bandwidth if you are near the mast. The router comes with SMA rabbit ear antennas, so you can attach these to the remaining ports, which should provide additional bandwidth when you are near enough to the mast with your campervan to connect in 4x4 MIMO with both the rabbit ears and external antenna."

End quote.

Can anyone confirm if this is correct and that the antenna numbers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Padraic.


Yes, that is correct. However, all 4 antennas should be used.
Please refer to other questions on this topic:

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