Teltonika rut 24X sim status topic & teltonika ussd command

  1. how do I change the reset date of the data record function? So, it won’t be the default,
    My ISP resets the balance on the 21’s.

screenshot of the status block:
Screenshot 2023-10-17 142459

  1. I have used ussd with the command: gsmctl -U “*124#”
    I received OK,
    and on the tmp/ussd_1-1-1 file, the response isn’t what I’m excepting
    the ips told me to hit 444 and then number 2 how can I do that ?

thank you very much I’m stuck for a month!!!


Have you tried to executing USSD commands in the WebUI itself. Seeing the image you attached, it seems like you were using the Legacy firmware, I cannot find the USSD section in the WebUI for the Legacy firmware.

But in the latest one 7.5 firmware, you use USSD in the NetworkMobile - > General, then scroll down in the USSD section.

I’m not quite sure if WebUI USSD is there in the legacy firmware, but if it’s possible, try updating to latest one then try executing the USSD via CLI or via WebUI.

im using cli cause there is arguments limitation and I cant call to “*444 and press 2”

In your case, try this command
gsmctl -U "*444*2#"

In my example ussd command, I need to type *101# then I need to press 1 two times.
So the format would be


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