Teltonika OTD140 - Can't enable POE

Teltonika OTD140, firmware OTD140_R_00.07.07.1

I have connected devices as follows:

Port 1 - Teltonika POE adapter (just to power up router)
Port 2 - IP Camera

When You go to Network → Ports → Port Settings both RJ45 ports looks like disconnected, they are greyed out.
When I try to choose LAN2, and then click EDIT a new page opens where I can choose from the following options:

Enable [ON/Off]
PoE [ON/Off]
Auto Negotiation [On/Off]

No matter what I choose here, the system doesn’t accept it.
It just throw up error ‘failed to edit configuration’ and goes back to previous screen (the one, where you can again choose port and select edit).

When I switch Enable, PoE and Auto Negotiation to ON, then “Some Fields are invalid” error shows up.

Can anybody confirm? This is serious flaw.

The above problem was solved by restoring the device to factory default settings.
Despite this, the camera does not receive power.
This is BCS-TIP5201IR-V-V which according to the manufacturer’s specs supports POE (802.3at) and consumes less than 14W.
It looks like I’ll have to use an external power supply in this case.


It seems like there might not be enough power from the POE adapter to power your camera. Could you try connecting the adapter directly to the camera to see if it comes up?

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