Tcp connection drops after few minutes

I have a tcp client written in lua 5.1 rc by using an external ip on port 8007 and connection drops after few minutes

also i’ve tried by using a vpn and the behaviour is the same

what i have to do in order to keep the connection? or do you have any suggestion what i can do in order to send specific commands to the router 955?

Be advised, that the RUT955 is officially supported to run “real” openwrt. I am doing this on large fleet. It also includes custom coding in LUA, i.e. permanent connection to AWS IoT (MQTT). Which is very stable for commercial use. Because of custom firmware image, no interference from redundant Teltonika stuff.


As far as I know, there isn’t a default functionality that terminates TCP connections. So, this seems unusual. However, observing that it drops connections on both external IP and VPN after the same amount of time suggests it could be due to a script or even the server itself.

To troubleshoot, I would recommend monitoring connections going from the router and incoming to the server. This will help determine which side is halting communication. You can use a tool like tcpdump on your routers for this purpose.

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thank you!

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