TBR500 Frequent internet disconnects

Hi my TBR500 is frequently (several times a day and at random times) disconnecting from the internet. It is set to passthrough to a wired router which handles all the DHCP for the network. Here’s a screenshot of the events log.

I’ve downloaded the troubleshooting file but I’m not allowed to upload it yet but here’s a link to the file which hopefully will work:

Troubleshooting File 9th March 2024

Does anyone have any idea what is happening? I’ve seen this issue in few other posts but I haven’t seen any solution that works for me.


Had a further thought and wonder if anyone can confirm if I’m heading in the right direction given that I’m relatively new to this.
I tried changing from passthrough to bridge mode and set a static ip address for the WAN port of my router. When I did that I noticed that a leased time clock started counting down from one hour. Sure enough we lost the connection with the internet at the end of the hour. I’ve now changed back to passthrough and saw that there’s an option to set the lease time so I’ve set it to 24 hours and will see what happens.

But should “disable DHCP” be on or off? As I said in my original post all the DHCP is handled by my router and the router is the only thing conected to the TBR500. See this screen shot - I’ve blanked out the MAC address but it’s the address of the WAN port of my router.
Any pointers greatly appreciated.

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