TAP200 Ceiling Mount

Hi Teltonika Support Team,

I recently purchased a TAP200 access point and wish to mount this in the middle of a typical false ceiling tile such as the one I have attached.

Is there a recommended mounting style for this product? As it does not include a backplate/screws to secure it to the ceiling tile and I would want to ensure that it is securely installed in a similar manner to other vendors AP’s that I have installed in the past.

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I wanted to clarify that the TAP200 does come with a mounting backplate, as shown in the picture below.

2024-03-18-15-22-36-TAP200 Wi-Fi 5 Access Point — Mozilla Firefox

As you can see, it can be mounted like any other similar access point as it has mounting holes similar to other WAPs. You can remove this backplate by twisting it counterclockwise and then pulling it out. However, please note that screws are not provided in the packaging.

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