Tailscale needs an update

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I was so happy since the integration of tailscale was announced and provided.
Now I’m more sceptical about it. Tailscale needs to keep uptodate. And since now this didn’t happen. Current version in the package manager is 1.50.0-1 and from tailscale it’s 1.66.0.
That’s quite a difference. Also the version 1.50.0-1 has the bug that if havvy traffic is going over the VPN it just silently cuts the connection. Only way to fix it is to reboot the router.

Tailscale disconnectivity with unexpected error “log derp-1 does not know about peer” · Issue #11565 · tailscale/tailscale (github.com)

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You can build an updated version yourself using the SDK, edit package/network/services/tailscale and set:


then execute make package/network/service/compile

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You can actually update Tailscale on Teltonika routers. To do this, access the router via CLI/SSH and execute the command tailscale update. Wait for the update process to complete without interrupting it. After rebooting, the version should be updated to the newest one. You can verify this by executing the command tailscale version.

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