Sync backups from RMS cloud to local NAS?

Dear Teltonika Team,

I have a 10-years RMS pack and like its many possibilities very much. This includes the automatic backups and their storage in the cloud.

Are all sensitive data (e.g. user names, passwords, Wifi credentials, geo positions, SIM card PINs, etc.) stored? How are they encrypted?

Is it possible to sync those backups from the RMS cloud service to one’s local storage, e.g. a Synology NAS? I want to save also older ones, because only the last 10 backups are retained in the RMS cloud. Would this be possible from the RMS service, from my RUTX11 (e.g. via script?), or from my NAS?

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Apologies for a late response.

When it comes to troubleshooting files, most of the information, like passwords, is hidden for security reasons. However, some information, such as public IP addresses, might be included for troubleshooting purposes. However, it’s generally not a good security practice to share these publicly. For reference, here’s an example of how a WiFi password appears in a troubleshoot file:


On the other hand, backups contain a lot of sensitive information, including passwords, as these need to be uploaded to the device to restore configurations.

It’s essential to understand that all RMS data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers and adheres to the security standards to ensure the platform’s safety and security. RMS also has CIS v7 and OWASP II certifications. If you’re interested in the security aspects, I recommend taking a closer look here.

You can also use online tools to check the encryption and other information about RMS and RMS connect:

When it comes to downloading files from RMS, I recommend utilizing the RMS API. You can create a simple application or script that will handle the download of the necessary files. More information about the RMS API can be found here.

Alternatively, you can create a script that generates backup files for each device individually using the sysupgrade command and then copies them to your server via SCP or SFTP (for information on how to copy files, I would suggest checking a forum post here).

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Dear Andzej,

Thank you so much for your detailed and helpful reply. I will further look into the links you kindly provided and see how I can make use of those in regard to sync backups.

BTW, the reason I asked is to be able to restore without internet connectivity (i.e. also in case that RMS is not available). I have a Raspberry Pi 4 attached to my RUTX11 (yeah, the encryption of files on the RPi is another topic I will focus on) that runs NoMachine. Thus, I can connect to my RPi (via NoMachine’s NX protocol) if the RUTX11 is not booting anymore or I need to restore it for any other reasons - at least that is my (rough) idea. From the RPI’s desktop (browser), I should be able to connect to my RUTX11 after factory reset and restore from backup, I hope. :wink:

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It is indeed a good idea to have a backup on hand in case you have issues with the device and no internet connectivity. This is especially useful when the device is unable to connect to RMS with factory default settings and requires some configurations to do so.

Another thing that I would suggest looking into in your case is the user’s default configurations. This would allow you to have a default configuration to which you can revert with a reset button by holding it for X seconds, and to factory defaults by holding the button for Y seconds (here). The default configuration can be created on the same backup page in the WebUI (here).

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