Sub category per router/router family?

Guys I noticed the vast stream of new topics that I wonder if this community should have sub categories per router or router family (if that exist). And maybe another layer deeper a sub category per section: network, services, system etc.

Like it is going now it becomes a swamp of no-coherent issues with or without solutions.


Thank you for your input.

The new forum just launched and there will be changes and improvements to it in the future. Some form of categorising would definitely be beneficial. I am not sure if this will be done in this specific way as you have suggested though, since most of the questions are more general and the RutOS functionalities are nearly identical for all devices. However, there are considerations of adding tags in the future. These tags would aid in identifying the specific device, service, or functionality relevant to a thread or topic.

Again, thank you for your suggestion!

Kind Regards,

Well there are obviously various way to categorize the topics in the forum and I don’t mind to much how. You probably have a better view on routers and topics then I do. I read almost everything if it comes to my own router but the scanning of the list becomes almost impossible.

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