Store and forward solution to push modbus data to cloud?

I noticed some models have available memory, but I didn’t see how I’d be able to use. I’ve reviewed manuals of several devices from RUT241 to RUT951 and the Use Case articles.

The use case is simple - a solar project with 6 MODBUS RS-485 devices and one ethernet-connected meter,. The meter uses HTTPS put to push data out so I was looking at routers. The MODBUS devices have known registers to read, so I’d prefer to set up the schedule to get all potential readings once every five minutes and push those too.

I did see some articles on setting up a local MQTT server and storing there, but that seems complicated. I just want the data pushed - preferably an HTTPS PUT message - once every five minutes but buffered if the network happens to be down.



In this case, the two devices to consider would be TRB245 and RUT956. These devices have interfaces for serial RS-485. RUT956 has a DB9 connector for RS232, an RS485 connector, as well as WiFi, and more ethernet ports than TRB245 (4 ports over 1 ethernet port on TRB245). Thus, I would suggest RUT956.

As for sending data with Modbus, you will need to configure Modbus Serial Master feature which will send Modbus requests to your device periodically and store it in the Modbus database. Then, ‘Data to Server’ feature can be used to send stored Modbus data to your server over HTTP periodically as well (HTTP POST, not PUT). The ‘retry on fail’ option in the ‘Data to Server’ configuration would allow you to accumulate all Modbus data on the device in case of connectivity issues, and when the connectivity is restored, all the accumulated Modbus data will be sent to the server. The size of the Modbus database is 20,000 entries.

As for the devices that uses HTTP PUT, I assume there is no need to configure anything and simple internet access is enough to send the data.

Modbus and ‘Data to Server’ information is available on our wiki here and here, respectively. Our wiki also features a variety of other articles, thus you can use the search function to find them. Additionally, should you encounter any issues, consider exploring related topics available on this forum.

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Yes, @AndzejJ that sounds like exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you for the quick, detailed response!

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