Stolen RUT240 - how to disable?

One of my RUT240 was stolen last week. Thief was smart enough to reset config, but I still have RMS control. Is there any method to complete disable this device? Or any other methods to make it unusable?


Understood, for matters involving personal information, please reach out to us directly through our “Contact Us” form on

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Any solution or information needed? I’ve contacted by “contact us” and get a reply from Benas Olencevičius, but the communication stops…


I’m not sure if you received my previous message, but our device does not come with a “kill switch.” However, as routers are mobile devices, they can be traced if a SIM card is inserted and the device itself is powered. So, the best course of action would be to relay this incident to a police department. This way, you may even get your device back if someone tries to use the cellular router for its intended purpose.

You should relay this information to your police department, which can be accessed via RMS (shown below):


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