Starlink RUT955

Hello. How do I setup a Starlink RUT955 connection. Me Setup right now is the following. Starlink ethernet adapter connected via lan cable to the RUT955 Wan Port.
Without changing any settings I have no internet connection.
What do I have to chang in the settings to make it work ?

Thanks for your help


With Starlink there are a lot of variables that could cause issues. Could you answer these questions:

  • Which generation of Starlink are you using (Gen 1 with the round dish or Gen 2 with the square dish)?

  • How are you connecting the dish to the RUT955? Could you provide a drawn diagram?

  • Does the WAN interface receive an IP address from the Starlink? If it does, does the address start with or

  • Does the dish receive power?

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Hello Thanks for you help.

To answer your questions:

The additonal starlink product as shown on the diagram: Starlink

Additional Infos:
Connecting the RUT955 to the Starlink Router via Wifi does work without problems. But the prefered way would be via the cable to get rid of the the starlink router later und power by POE Injector.

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This is most likely the issue. This is an internal IP address provided by the “dishy”. If I remember correctly it is This means that the IP address from the dish is most likely being assigned to the Starlink router rather than the RUT955, as Starlink can only provide one address.
Could you try only connecting the RUT955 with the Starlink router being completely unplugged and checking if it received internet connectivity then?

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