Specific interface though Wireguard?


Is there a way to route one interface/network on RUTX50 though VPN/Wireguard while keeping the rest “regular”? Using VPN drops my internet speed from ca 250-350 Mbps down to ca. 90, it would be nice to have one WiFi network permanently VPN’d and rest of the interfaces fast.

Maybe a daft question from a n00b, but maybe there is way since there is a will.

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The N00B.

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Well, that’s was a bit of help indeed… The update for RutOS seems to have the exact thing I was looking for

However, can someone point me to that setting? I do not see anything in the Wireguard configs reg. that.

Hi! You can use Wireguard Allowed IP for routing through Wireguard the networks that you want to route through Wireguard:

Here you can define the IPs or network that you want to route through Wireguard, for example

Much appreciated! There are loads of options, but very little explanation what they do unless you got an IT degree! :sweat_smile:


You can find more information and explanation on our wiki pages:

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As with most things there may be information but almost nil explanation as to how the functions intended to be used/configured. As good as product may be I have come to accept lack of documentation as Teltonika feature.

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