SNMP Package Installation via CLI with no Internet access

I have a TRB255 modem (running TRB2_R_00.07.04.3) which is connected to a private APN mobile network (i.e. no access to Internet).

I would like to install the SNMP package (snmp.tar.gz) via CLI (as the poor performance of the WebUI makes it unusable).

I have copied the snmp.tar.gz file to the modem but this is where I get stuck.

Can anyone advise how this package can then be installed via command line?



Since you’ve already copied the file to TRB255, I’ll simply guide you on extracting all .ipk files from snmp.tar.gz and installing them:

  1. Firstly, navigate to your chosen directory. I recommend using the /tmp/new directory.
  2. In the directory with your file, execute this command: tar -xzvf snmp.tar.gz.
  3. Then use the command opkg-call --offline-install <your_directory>.

With this, SNMP should be installed without needing an internet connection. SNMP might not show in WebUI at first. But after device reboot it will be accessible.

Best regards,


Thanks heaps Marijus.

This works perfectly.

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