Sms utilities doesn't work after update to 07.06.08 on RUT240

Hello, I just updated my RUT240 to v07.06.08 from maybe 07.04.xx (don’t remember, no trace of it) and no actions from sms utilities work anymore, even the standard one (‘status’, ‘reboot’, etc…). The event log shows that an SMS has been received but no action is taken.
What can we do about it ?

forget it, rebooted, it works now.
As a note, i tried other things before rebooting, like sending an SMS from the RUT240 to my phone, with only the string ‘test’ and receive the following :
test@@@@@@@ò@à@@AT+CIMI @@@@@à@@@@@Ω@IN@@@@ò@T@Λcell§info@@@@à@@test@@@@@@@ò@6@ΠLTE@@rv@@@@ò@7@Ψ@@@Ω@UN@@@@ò@8@Σband@@N@@@@ì@Θ@Θ@@@@@@@$@@@@@z@Ξband§str@@@@@;@

sooo… i don’t know maybe some garbage in some buffer at some point…

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