Sms_send failing to send?

Running firmware: RUT9M_R_00.07.06.5

Our application went to send a SMS using the SMS Gateway Mobile Post / Get Settings at 10:00 - this is what we see logged on the Teltonika RUT901 router:

Mon Mar 4 10:00:29 2024 daemon.debug sms_send: Calling ‘sms_send’ handler

Which appeared to return stars code 200 OK to our application but the SMS was never sent and nothing else logged until our application went to send another SMS at 10:03 - but this time worked normally:

Mon Mar 4 10:03:31 2024 daemon.debug sms_send: Calling ‘sms_send’ handler
Mon Mar 4 10:03:32 2024 gsmd[2695]: SMS was sent to: 0044xxxxxxxxxx
Mon Mar 4 10:03:33 2024 kernel: Sent 1 PDUs to 0044xxxxxxxxxx

So trying to figure out why the first SMS at 10:00 failed - any thoughts or other logs that may explain it?

Thanks you.

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