SMS limitation RUT956

I had to send 842 alarms to different numbers using RUT956.

I read Modbus data From PLC and I defined 119 data register and using this data register I had to generate 842 alarms.

I sent 450 alarms to numbers after configuring 450 alarms a notification came which i am attaching in the picture. i ignore those problems.

I had to generate total 842 alarms out of which i had configured 600 alarms and after configuring 600 alarms router stopped working.

I turned down the alarm quantity , still did not do work.

450 alarms while i was testing this working is proper but when it stopped working it was just sent the 60 alarms.

if i was doing more than 60 alarms it would stop working.


That is way too many alarms for a single RUT9 device, especially when you need to send SMS messages.

A single alarm supports up to 16 telephone numbers.

Regarding Modbus Alarms, there is no specific WebUI limitation on the number of alarms you can configure. However, configuring too many alarms may lead to functionality loss, missed messages, and other device issues.

To ensure satisfactory behaviour and avoid potential problems, it is recommended to leave a few seconds intervals between SMS messages (around 4-5 seconds). This means that the number of alarms should be kept on the lower end.

To find the optimal number of alarms for your device, I suggest configuring Modbus Alarms and monitoring the performance. If you notice any issues, try reducing the number of alarms slightly until the device operates smoothly.

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Dear Sir

What is maximum number of alarms can be done.
What is limiting number of alarms, it is memory or which hardware ?

Dear Sir

How many the number of Alarms can be generated using RUT956

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