Slow wifi speeds but fast ethernet RUT360

I have a RUT360 and am very happy with it other than with its wifi performance. I am looking at buying a couple more if I can get this issue solved.

I have it connected over 4G but I have also experimented with using it as a repeater.

Over ethernet I have been getting 50mbps download. But when I connect over wifi the speeds drop to around 6mbps.
I tried doing a speed test to my colleague, with us both connected over wifi so I know it’s definitely a wifi issue.

I have attached a troubleshoot file in case it helps.



I’ve just reviewed your troubleshooting file and even attempted to recreate your WiFi setup. Interestingly, I achieved nearly identical speeds over both LAN and WiFi. I have some suggestions for optimizing your WiFi speed:

  1. Navigate to the router settings: Status → Wireless → Channel Analysis → Check the channel congestion rating. Opt for a few channels with the least congestion for testing purposes.
  2. Proceed to Network → Wireless → Radio. Ensure that the “Transmit power” is set to 100%, the “Operating frequency width” is configured to “20 MHz,” and experiment with the least congested channels.

Give these steps a try and share your findings. Once you do, we can further investigate the issue.

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