Slow VPN Connection

Without enabling the VPN connection to ExpressVPN, I’m getting 240Mbps download. When I enable Express VPN in the settings, the download speed drops to 10Mpbs.

If I connect to ExpressVPN (same server) on my laptop through the RUX11 (with its VPN disabled), I get 220Mbs download.

Why does the speed through the RUX11 drop so much when I activate it’s VPN connection? This speed drop is seen in both wifi and ethernet

Is there a different VPN provider that I can easily setup in the Teltonika settings that will be faster than ExpressVPN? I really want an always on VPN through this router.


From the information found online it seems like ExpressVPN mostly uses OpenVPN (which I presume is the protocol you have configured). OpenVPN, depending on the encryption and other options, is quite a “heavy” protocol, which requires a lot of system resources to operate (although much higher speeds should still be possible).
By default, ExpressVPN uses Lightway, which is a protocol designed by them and is not currently supported by OpenWRT or RutOS.
WireGuard is currently the most light-weight VPN service on our devices, and I’d suggest using this protocol to achieve the highest speeds. ExpressVPN does not support it, but Mullvad VPN does, and even have a configuration example for OpenWRT routers (setup is similar on RutOS):

Other VPN services may also support WireGuard, but further research is needed.
Lastly, make sure your device is running the latest firmware available and Software, as well as Hardware offloading is enabled in Network → Firewall → General Settings menu.

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Thank you for the information. I logged into the router this morning to try other locations and for the first time saw that I could simply chose ExpressVPN or Nord as a provider and it will pick the location dynamically. That makes it easier than picking specific servers.

Do you know if the NordVPN option will use wireguard?

Indeed, server proximity is also a big factor in VPN performance.
While NordVPN does use WireGuard, they do not provide public instructions on how to set it up. OpenWRT community has found a workaround, but it’s quite involving: [Instruction] Config NordVPN wireguard (Nordlynx) on OpenWrt - Network and Wireless Configuration - OpenWrt Forum

Hope this helps!

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