SIM Card wont connect on Teltonika RUTX50

I’ve recently bought a Teltonika RUTX 5o and I purchased an EE Sim card. It was working great up to a few days ago, but now I have lost all connection with the mobile network. I’ve checked all APN settings, and also completed a full re-set back to factory defaults. After setting up the APN settings again, it still wouldn’t connect. I emailed the company I bought the Sim card from thinking it was a faulty Sim. The company sent out a replacement Sim and this is acting the same way as the old Sim card. It will not connect. I have another Sim card in slot 2 from the SMARTY (Three Network) which I have bought as a temporary measure. This sim card works fine with no issues. I have also tried the EE Sim card in slot 2 and changed the settings accordingly, but it’s still not working. The EE Sim card I have lasts until June 2025 so it’s not like I can just forget about it and use the SMARTY Sim. Any help greatly appreciated as I’m at my wits end with this.

Hello, I’m in the same boat unfortunately. Just got the RUTX50 and I’m having issues with EE SIM. I was using the Zyxel FWA510, EE was working fine. Went for the RUTX50 for the dual sim failover features, sms forwarding and more. On first boot , I inserted the EE sim, it connected just fine. I then added my backup THREE sim, and before setting up sim switching rules I tried manually to swap the default SIM from 1 (EE) to 2 (THREE). The switch worked great but then when switching back to sim 1 (EE) it never connected again. It keeps saying “Recent connection rejected”. Un the Overview I see it is trying to connect to WCDMA. I thought this maybe the problem and since there is not way to lock 4G/5G only, I manually selected all bands for 5G and 4G and chose only 1 WCDMA that is not supported by EE. It now tries to connect to 4G LTE and again it keeps failing. Prior to the RUTX50 I tried a cheaper dual sim option with many features the Spitz AX/GL-X3000 and again EE failed to connect. To confirm, putting the EE SIM back in the Zyxel router it works just fine. What is so special about EE ? Any advice please?

My problems are exactly the same. It was working fine a few weeks ago with both EE and my Smarty branded (Three sim.) I had completed a backup few weeks ago when everything was working fine so I did a full reset of the RUTX50 and re-flashed with my backup. The EE sim then started working again. I have been too worried to try to swap of the sim card to the Three network and back again in case I have more problems! When you swap from EE to Three sim it works like a charm. When you swap back to the EE sim I have exactly the same issues as yourself. I did have a USB thumb drive in the back of the router with some movies on that was set up as SMB. I removed the USB drive in case that was having some conflicts. The only other thing I can think of is there is an issue with the latest firmware that I recently updated the router with. Maybe Teltonika changed something to cause the EE sim not to connect when swapping over from one sim to another? I’m hoping that a new firmware will come out soon with a fix for this issue as they do very regular updates. Try disconnecting all cables except one to say a laptop/computer in case there is some kind of conflict. If your firmware is not the latest then update the firmware and see if you have any success. I too am at a loss as to what the problem is, but I’m thankful I’m not the only person having the same problem. It makes me think it’s not anything I have done wrong as I checked and double checked all settings for APN turn off auto APN and set manually etc… Make sure you only have PDP Type IVp4 selected in the General settings tab. I’m not an expert at networks in any way, I’m just mostly fumbling around in the dark like a lot of ordinary people. Just keep in mind that what has worked for me may not work for you. But I’m just telling you what I did to get things going again. As mentioned, since I got the EE card working again I’ve been too worried to swap sims in case I lose EE connectivity again. My EE sim lasts until June or July 2025 so I can’t mess about with things. Oh, I forgot to mention. I did ask for a brand new EE sim which was sent out to me from my provider in case it was a duff sim card, but then again the old EE sim card would work in my phone, but not in the RUTX50! Go figure… Keep in touch please and let me know how you get on… Two heads are better than one in this situation, and I to would like to get to the bottom of this problem. FYI. My firmware is:- Firmware version RUTX_R_00.07.06.3 Good luck

Hi guys, I think you need to put APN manually with authentication like it’s described here: EE APN Settings Guide UK | Second-Hand Phones - Second-hand Phones Knowledge Centre | Mobile Phone News | Second Hand Phones

Also, take a look, maybe after turning off Auto APN you can find this APN in the list as custom APN.

I, too, have an EE SIM that expires June 2025 and i’m assuming that you’ve bought from the same company.

I just inserted it into SIM slot one and booted the router up and without altering anything at all, basically just accepting all default options and settings offered, it just works. I bought an unlimited enhanced 5G data SIM, data only, however the router does accept and send text messages. Not inserted it into a phone, so i have no idea if it’s capable of making or receiving calls.

My gut feeling is that there’s nothing wrong with the router or the SIM, but perhaps a manual misconfiguration.

Thanks for the help, it’s much appreciated. All my APN settings were put in manually, and double checked. Everything was working fine with the EE sim. I then changed over to the Three sim which I had used for a couple of weeks. When I changed back to the EE sim card and made it the default sim again, no connection. No settings had been altered only the default sim button.

The problem is that it works great on my EE sim, but if I change the default sim to my second sim card, Three, in my case, everything works on the Three sim. Change the default sim back to EE in slot one without changing any settings and the sim wont connect. It’s a weird one… My EE sim is working perfect now, but I’m reluctant to check if I swap the default sims again lol

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