Sim card not supported in RUT951,RUT200,RUT956


I’m using an RUT951 router with an Airtel (India) SIM card inserted, and despite having an active plan, the router’s indicator lights show green and red, indicating an issue. My router’s firmware version is RUT9M_R_00.07.06.6. I also have another router, the RUT200, which has the same firmware and exhibits the same problem. I even tried using the RUT956 router with updated firmware (RUT9M_R_00.07.06.8), but the issue persists.

Interestingly, when I tried using a Jio SIM card, it worked with some routers, but not all. Similarly, when I purchased a Vi (Vodafone Idea) SIM card, it worked perfectly with routers.

Could you please clarify why this issue is occurring with my router and suggest a solution?

Thank you.


Our devices are used with these carriers and should work properly. Could you clarify the order code of the devices that are experiencing issues?
You can check the order code on the original device box, or by navigating to Status → System in the devices web interface.
Additionally, if the devices were not purchased from Indian Teltonika office, then the devices need to have their IMEIs registered with authorities. More information can be found here: RUT200 ETA-WPC - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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We purchased 2 RUT956 routers from OM AUTOMATION in Delhi, India. The product code is RUT956100300.

Additionally, we bought 32 RUT951 routers, 20 RUT200 routers, and 1 RUTX50 router from TELTONIKA MIDDLE EAST in Dubai.

The product codes are as follows:

  • RUT951: RUT951000200
  • RUT200: RUT200013000
  • RUTX50: RUTX50000500

Thank you.

Any updates?