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we have the RUT241 in a housing for mobile use of a time terminal. Since the RUT241 is placed inside the housing, users obviously can’t read the signal strength to pick a good location.

Does anyone have an idea how I can display the signal strength on the (outer) housing? I was thinking about multiple LEDs or a multicolor LED. But output port can only switch on/off, right? Any ideas?



Just to clarify, hardware modifications to the PCB of the device will result in a voided warranty. I’d suggest you to explore other options first like running a rudimentary 7-segment displays powered by an Arduino to display the RSSI value for example.
However, if you are willing to undertake hardware modifications, then the signal LEDs could be extended using jumper wires to your custom casing.
Perhaps you could describe how the time terminal works? Does it have any other user interface? Perhaps the signal could be displayed there?

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Hi Daumantas,
Thanks for the feedback.
Modification on the PCB is not an option. But the Arduino (or ESP) would be an idea.

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Let us know if any help is needed from the router side. You can get the RSSI of the connection using multiple ways:

Hope this helps!

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