Siemens - profinet,dcp,lldp and VLANS

I have problem with new firmware or routers with PROFINET tools.
For example with old RUT240 there was no problems - firmware 6.08.xx - there was a option “vlan funcionality” and it was disabled.
In all new models (or firmwares, but i think it is problem with hardware) there is no option “vlan funcionality”. we always use default vlans. In these models profinet funcionality doesn’t work. (for example dcp to find profinet nodes.
Is there a possiblity to disable vlans ? (i think not) or second if not… is there any other way to do this work ing like in old models (RUT 240, RUT950)

Other side is very bad info … need one more time find rugged routers with openvpn on market…

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