Share key with old webui IPSEC


Looking at the documentation of rut240 and rut950 with the old web GUI you need to put the preshared PSK key and add a secret ID selector for the IPSEC to work. This ID selector can be an IP address, an FQDN, or %any.

We don’t use remote and local identifiers in our IPSEC config and %any works fine but we would prefer to make it more specific just in case. It’s not clear in the documentation what IP I need to put in as a secret ID. Do I just put the VPN endpoint address? do I need to use the “My identifier” and “Remote identifier” option to make it work?


You can put the IP address of the remote point as ‘remote identifier’ and a local LAN IP as ‘local identifier’, for example. The device on the other ends needs to be configured appropriately. If you would like to know more about these identifiers, I would suggest taking a look at the official StrongSwan documentation here.

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