Share in mesh all devices in local network on all nodes

I have made a mesh connection with single gateway and single node. I power up gateway first, leave my phone near it and connect to it with PC as well. Then I power up node, that is closer to PC (but further away from phone, as it is just near gateway). After few minutes my PC switches to node, as it is closer and with better signal strength. When this switch happens, I loose connection to phone, as it is now in other network, even though it is in mesh.

Can I share not just internet in mesh but all devices connected to this mesh on all nodes and gateway?


Could you please provide a simple diagram of your network topology? It’s a bit unclear what devices are connected to each other and how they relate to one another. Additionally, could you let us know which device models you are using, as we don’t have any gateways that support Wi-Fi mesh, and none of our current models have Wi-Fi capabilities.

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Hello, we are using RUTX50. So after powering up node and having laptop connect to it, I no longer see the phone - I can only ping my own PC.

What did you mean by “none of our current models have Wi-Fi capabilities”? We are using RUTX50 router. I did follow meshing example in your website: Wireless Mesh configuration example - Teltonika Networks Wiki

So for example, it is not possible now to access a camera, which should be streaming at its own local network.

I also need to state, that I was not able to completely follow example, because there was no DHCP option in LAN interface.


I wanted to clarify that none of our gateways (TRB series) have WiFi capabilities. That’s why I asked you about the network topology. The WiFi mesh tutorial will help you set up WiFi mesh, even there are some changes in the router’s web interface. Here is where you should enable it:

Make sure to change LAN networks to the same subnet! Additionally, please double-check and follow all the steps carefully.

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I noticed example has LAN settings needed to alter. But the RUTX50 has SIM card for mobile network access. So maybe I need different settings here?

I also tried video example, which is slightly different, but still no success. Maybe the final step to enable LAN DHCP is the reason why I cannot form mesh?

After following video example I connect to node (both are powered on) and I cannot see in DHCP leases the gateway - only node is accessible:

Here you can see only my PC is visible. And I cannot connect to gateway via - only if I power off the node first.

Okay I have achieved this, by setting node IP manually to (like gateway’s So far its okay - i have mesh with local networks interconnected. But sometimes node does not provide internet access.

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