Setup 2 RUTX10 as AP and Client

I would like to setup 2 RUTX10 routers, one as WiFi AP and the other as WiFi Client.
The other requirement is that the AP will use WiFi 5GHz in channel 120 (5600 MHz, DFS) and the connection is locally (no active network).

I followed these steps but I was unsuccessful : RUTOS relay / Wi-Fi extender / repeater / bridge configuration - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

Primarily, when I set the channel to DFS, the “Scan 5GHz” function on the client router did not return the AP.
When I changed the channel to non-DFS, the AP was available through scan and I was able to create the bridge between two routers. However, the client router is not pingable from the AP despite showing in the DHCP leases with a static IP address.

Could you help me with an instruction on how to set up AP-Client on a DFS channel?


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