Setting up wifi mesh with 3rd pary AP's RUTX 50

I have a RUTX50 providing Internet connection on an off-grid location.
I use several devices connnected to the RUTX router, both on cabeled Ethernet and the units WiFi (both 2.4 and 5 GHz).
To extendt the WiFi range, I would like to add a third party wifi AP or AP Mesh. I am planning to use a mesh system from TP-Link with support for WiFi6.
I want to use the RUTX router functiolality. I would also be preferable to set up the wifi, both from RUTX50 and the TP-Link AP nodes as one WiFi mesh.
As per this guide:
… I would need a second Teletonica router to achieve this, witch I find strange.

Is there any other way to set this up without a second Teletonika router, and how?

Very greatfull for any advice or pointers to viable setup.



The linked URL is for a configuration example, the second router does not necessarily have to be from Teltonika, however, it should support the wireless standards used by the RUTX50. WiFi Mesh and WiFi extender uses two different methods of connecting the devices. The linked article describes the most common method, in which the TP-Link devices should act as both a WiFi client, and WiFi access point. This is usually called a relay configuration, as does not involve any additional configuration on the RUTX50, only the TP-Link devices.
WiFi Mesh on the other hand, uses a different standard - 802.11s. As long as TP-Link devices support it, this should also work to connect these devices into a mesh network. We have a configuration example for WiFi Mesh as well: Wireless Mesh configuration example - Teltonika Networks Wiki
Hope this helps!

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Excellent awnser! Thank you,

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