Setting up RUTX50

I use it in our motorhome
Want to use the free wifi on camping area and if it limits my need of streeming, swtisch over or get help from 4G/5G access
I look for guiding


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RUTX50 WIFI can simultaneously work in two modes:

  1. AP (Access Point) - It allows other WIFI devices to connect to the router’s WIFI network and obtain internet connectivity

  2. STA (Station/client) - It allows the router itself to connect to an external WIFI network for internet access
    This means it will be connected to the External AP and it will provide internet access to the clients connected to its WIFI AP. The RUTX50 supports the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac (WIFI5) meaning it can broadcast in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. This can be set up with instructions that is here RUTX50 Wireless - Teltonika Networks Wiki

If the Camp WIFI area uses the free WIFI hotspot feature you can use the TravelMate package which once connected to it will redirect you to the captive portal to accept the terms of service, log in or otherwise authenticate with the Hotspot RADIUS server. The steps to set up the feature can be found here Connecting to a Hotspot WiFi for Internet Connectivity - Teltonika Networks Wiki

For when the speeds drop a load balancing feature can be implemented to split the traffic between multiple interfaces and in your case between the WWAN and the MobileWAN. Here is more information on setting that up Load Balancing Rules/Policies examples - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Lastly, another option is using the Bondix feature which is a solution initiated by one of our partners Bondix Intelligence. It is important to note that the bonding feature is not supported by the Teltonika devices by default. For this to be achieved a Bondix intelligence third-party platform and their firmware is needed. More details about how the Bondix functionality works can be found here Bondix Intelligence - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

Please note, that this is a third-party solution, and you should contact Bondix intelligence directly as you would need to purchase a subscription in order to use their services. The contact information can be found in the link provided in the contact area in this link Bondix Intelligence - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

This is a link to a webinar about the feature and how it works Bondix Intelligence Enables Bonding Functionality in Teltonika Networks Routers! | Webinar - YouTube

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