Reposting because I was late to the previous post.
In the RUTX09 I can’t find the convenient programmed SMS sending function that I had in the RUT955.
It used to be convenient to send life-affirming SMS in the morning and evening, but I can’t find the feature anymore. Is it enabled somewhere?
In the old firmware version it was located under SERVICES/SMS-GATEWAY/SCHEDULED SMS
Now it’s no longer there and I would like to know if there is a way to have a specific SMS sent to me at the time I want.

Thanks for any help


This feature was removed during the transition from the legacy firmware to RUTOS, which is the firmware we currently have.

You can always use bash scripting and write a script that sends the desired messages at specific times.

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Can I kindly ask you to give me a small example that will help me understand how to do it?
Thank you


The main command for SSH/CLI you’ll need is:

gsmctl -S -s "<phone_number> <message>"

With this command and some bash scripting, you can easily schedule sending messages.


Yes, I have already used this string to send sms at boot but it is precisely these scripts that I don’t know how to do yet, can you tell me where to get some examples and how to write them please?


Here are some examples of scripts: Script Examples

For scheduling script runs, I recommend checking out the functionality provided by Linux called crontab.

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