Serial Output on 4X4 Mimo Modems


I was wondering if Teltonika supply a modem with 4X4 Mimo technology like the RUTX50 but also has a serial output like the RUT950s?

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Thanks for reaching us.

Are you looking for a device similar to the RUTX50 but supports serial communication protocols (e.g., RS-232, RS-485).

Actually, the RUTX50 has a serial communication protocol, however it is done in a specific way: via USB over Serial.

As the RUTX50 supports USB, you will need a third-party USB to Serial interface converter.

Kindly refer to the link below that may help you out


Hi Louay,

That’s really useful thank you.

One more thing, we have a large amount of 2X2 Mimo modems from Teltonika. For our application we do not need extremely high data speeds, we are more concerned with data reliability in poor signal areas in the UK.

By using the 4x4 MIMO, would there be better data reliability compared to a 2X2 MIMO modem?

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Thank you for your response,

Actually, 4x4 MIMO antenna will have more speed throughput and high gain DBI, because the 4X4 MIMO antenna will be a full outdoor antenna with the same as when you use your existing 2x2 MIMO antenna, and the rest will be stick antennas that will be mounted directly with RUTX50.

Overall, it depends on how strong the signal is in your location, so I would recommend testing it out and also checking the data reliability.


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