Seperate future request from questions

in this community are questions and future requests.
We also use the support system for this.

but sometimes there is “lack of interest” in building a future.
It would be better if there is some sort of UserVoice to track future requests.
This way everybody can browse the idea’s and let the developers know when there is interest or not.

It will also be possible to create a separate category. but in my opinion this isn’t the correct tool for future requests.

If you read this and are also interested please comment a +1


Our product line primarily caters to industrial applications. New features typically arise from the necessity to solve problems or innovate on existing features. I disagree with the notion of a “lack of interest” in building for the future, as we are constantly innovating at both the device and firmware levels.

The idea of tracking future requests is intriguing because our users often provide insightful input. We’ll certainly keep this feature in mind and aim to implement it in the future.

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