Security keys and 2FA

Guys, and gals!

AND Teltonika admins!!! Specifically!!!

You need to be more proactive with getting people on board with security issues, especially after last breach. I just “accidentally” discovered you can register physical security keys like Yubikey as a 2FA. Jeez… make it a sticky!

The more you drill into people’s heads that 2FA is a must and the usefulness of extra security features, such as hardware keys, the better all of us are in the long run. For crying out loud, make an extra effort!

Peace… V

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Hello Delphi,

We appreciate your concern on this one and yes 2FA is a very important security measure in our platform. Note that we already have some article and youtube video about activating the 2FA functionality in RMS which our clients can utilize to boost the security of their accounts.

We will definitely keep this in mind as we tweak and improve things on our products and services. Thanks for looking out for the community. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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