Second hand RUT955, can't add to RMS

Hi! I just bought a second hand RUT955 from a reputable Ebay seller.
Everything is working as expected, except for the RMS.
I can’t add the device to my RMS, no matter what I do.
As I already had the same problem with another used device, and it turned out it hadn’t been removed from the previous owner RMS, I guess this is the same problem.
I tried to contact the seller but it looks like he doesn’t have access to his RMS anymore.
Or, my guess, he bought the device from another seller.
Is it possible for Teltonika to unregister the device from RMS, so that it will become free for me to add it to my RMS?
Thanks in advance.

Adding to my previous post, I will supply every piece of information needed to verify that the transaction was legit, and this is not a stolen item.

Hello, thank you for getting in touch with Teltonika Networks.

Please use the Teltonika website to get in touch with us at:

There, you may provide details about the equipment, and we could connect you with a sales person.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Best Regards!

Dear Julio.
Thank you for your reply.
I just did that. I hope Teltonika will be able to help, being a second hand device and all.
Thanks in advance.

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