Search Device list in RMS by ICCID or other parameters


For our use case it would be desirable to be able to search for devices in the RMS device list by ICCID among a few other parameters. Is this possible, or is there a simple workaround that I haven’t found perhaps?

And another question, is it possible to add and store custom fields to the devices. This would simplify things for us as we wouldn’t need to keep additional information about devices in an external system.

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Apologies for a late response.
It is currently not possible to search using the ICCID value. However, when adding devices, if the ICCID values will not be changing, they can be assigned as tags to the devices and searched that way.
Alternatively, ICCID could be added as one of the values in Devices table, and then a list of devices can be downloaded by pressing the following button:

All of the table parameters will be exported along with the list of devices, and they can be filtered further using applications like MS Excel.

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