Schedule RUT firmware upgrades for after-hours


Is there a way to schedule RUT firmware upgrades for after-hours? I was hoping that the RMS Task Manager would have a way to do that, but I can’t find anything.


Currently, there is no way to schedule RMS tasks. However, I wouldn’t recommend using this approach for updating devices. Since new firmware releases are not frequent, scheduled tasks should not be necessary or utilized. You can simply execute the task remotely yourself by selecting required devices and executing required task(s). For example, something similar to this (firmware upgrade for RUTX50 to the current newest version):

cd /tmp/
wget -c
sysupgrade RUTX_R_00.07.07.1_WEBUI.bin

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Thanks. It would be useful to schedule that task to run after-hours for a group of our Teltonika devices. It’s a pity that Alerts & Automations >> New Automation doesn’t have an IF parameter of date and time.

The goal is to upgrade our Teltonika’s when our sites aren’t using them without anyone having to work after-hours.


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