Same configuration on multiple routers

How can I upload the same configuration on multiple RUT956?

Me and my team have multiple routers but we didn’t find a way to solve this issue.
Maybe we can solve this with RMS but don’t know how.

The easiest way is to generate the backup from one properly configured device and upload it to the other. Goes without saying.

I’ve tried but when we insert the config it tells me that it’s not compatible because it’s not from the same device. The firmware version its the same, we were thinking if the rms can help us.
Thank you

RMS offers multiple ways to achieve this:

  • Option #1: Uploading the backup

In your RMS devices page select the device of multiple devices of interest. A bar with additional options will appear. Select Actions tab and pick Upload backup from the list. The user will be redirected to a page, where the backup file to be uploaded can be selected.

  • Option #2: RMS device configurator

This option has a prerequisite for all of the devices to have the same firmware version.

Other than that, as previously, select the devices of interest, from the bar that appears select Configuration tab and pick Device configuration option. It will redirect you to the page, where you can prepare your desired configuration and apply it to multiple devices.

  • Option #3: RMS Task manager

This option utilizes a tool that serves as a graphical interface to interact with the router‘s command line. It requires the most setup, but, once ready, it is the easiest to execute. To use it, on the left of the RMS page you need to navigate to Management → Task Manager page. Once there Add a new task. Then you can write configuration script using uci commands. Once completed and saved, this task can then be easily executed on multiple devices by selecting them from the main device panel.

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At this point i just wanna ask for info if its possible to do this without the rms service.

Either the devices are different, or the product codes (modem modules) do not match between them.

In this case, backup goes out the window.

But, you can generate a backup, and using WinSCP and instructions here: Upload & Download Files from RutOS - Teltonika Networks Wiki move relevant configuration files from one device to the other.

Device configuration files are stored in /etc/config/ directory.

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I’ll come back when we have done it

Hi, is it right to put my backup file in Maintanance->Backup->Restore configuration and upload it there?
It somehow can be a solution?

Maybe the file I’m uploading is a wrong format?


When uploading a backup to the device, it needs to meet certain criteria:

  • It should be for the same device model. For instance, a backup from RUT956 should be applied to another RUT956 device.
  • The backup should match the product code of the device. For example, if the backup is from a RUT956, it should also match its product code. You can verify this using SSH/Cli with the following command:
    mnf_info -n
  • Both devices must have the same firmware version.

I hope this explanation clarifies things. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

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