RUTXR1 allows internet connection via Ethernet, but not 802.11

After successfully performing


I can access the gateway ( and RUTXR1 AP ( via both 802.11 and Ethernet, but cannot access the rest of the InterNet via 802.11, yet can via Ethernet.

  1. It’s set to extend the incoming lan connection, so I’m baffled.


The main issues here are that the default gateway configured on your PC points to a non-existent host ( It should be the IP address of your router, which looks to be from the RUTX screenshots.
Additionally, DNS should be specified on your PC, as if you’re not using DHCP, you will not obtain the DNS list automatically. For testing, you can use or, but if you’re planning on using internal hostnames, you’ll need to specify the address of your DNS resolver (most likely the router -

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Apologies, @Daumantas - I forgot to update the screenshot when I removed the manual configuration. I’m using DHCP now:

However, it’s working now (although I recall it being DHCP whilst not working) so I’ll mark what you stated as the solution. Apologies for being dim enough not to even notice the gateway column somehow.

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