RUTX50 with 4G (only) antenna?

I hope I don’t get ‘grilled’ for my stupid question but:
If I operate my RUTX50 in 4G-only mode (mobile settings accordingly), is it then possible to use only these antennas instead of the out-of-the-box large 4G/5G ones?

Or is this a no-go?



Yes, if you set your router to use only 4G mode, you can use the antenna you’re considering. Just remember that the 5G mobile features won’t function.

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Excellent - thanks for the positive feedback.
The pigtail has a slightly better gain (0.5) compared to the original antennas but almost half the value for “VSWR” (1.8 vs. 3.0 on the originals).
I tried to google and understand - but VWSR seems to be a science for itself.
Can you explain me what it is and if a value of 1.8 compared to 3.0 affects quality or strength of the 4G signal somehow?
Thanks a lot.


In general, the closer the VSWR value is to 1, the better. A lower VSWR indicates that the antenna is well matched to the transmission line, resulting in more power being delivered to the antenna. Conversely, a higher VSWR means more power is reflected from the antenna and not transmitted.

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That is what I wanted to hear :slight_smile:
Thank you for your outstanding support :+1:

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