RUTX50 with 12 V : Add a fuse?

Hi everybody,

I will use my new RUTX50 in a campervan, so I want to cut the 220 V power plug and connect the router directly to the van’s 12 V supply.

I will add a fuse to the 12 V connection to protect the setup. Can you tell me what amperage I should use for the fuse?

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I strongly advise against creating a makeshift 12V automotive power plug. This could put you and your device in danger.

Here is an automotive power plug suitable for 12/24V: Link to Teltonika Networks automotive power supply

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Hello Marijus,
Thanks for this answer.
Please could you give me some more details regarding it ? As RUTX50 natively supports 12 V, I thought there would not be any problem just adding the right fuse. I needed, I’ll buy the automotive power supply, of course.
Thanks a lot


Yes, it natively supports 9-50 VDC. Here’s information about the powering options for the RUTX50: RUTX50 Powering Options

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OK thanks. I guess I’ll buy this Teltonika Networks automotive power supply :slight_smile:

Hi there, I’ve used the Teltonika cable PR2PL15B in my campervan. It has worked fine. I’ve used a 1 Amp fuse.

Regards Padraic

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Hi Padraic,

Oh great, thanks :blush: So I guess there’s any problem doing this if the electrical connection is well done, of course :wink:

Do you have the RUTX50 too ? If so, did you put it in a small cabinet or outside ? I don’t know if it can be in a cabinet because it seems to heat when it works.

I don’t think there is any problem with it wired to a vehicle as their voltage range is quiet wide, 9: 50 VDC, reverse polarity protection, surge protection >51 VDC 10us max.
If you were concerned, you could purchase a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

Yes I have one also, I use it at home with two of us working from home and I also use it in the campervan.
I have it in a big cabinet, so it should be ok. I have this antenna on the camper.

Regards Padraic.

Same antenna for me. I’ve bought them some days ago, so I’ve not tested them yet, but this antenna seems to be great :slight_smile:

Yea its a good antenna, just means its picking up a better signal from outside the camper.

One more question, sorry ! Is 1 Amp enough ? 12 V with 18 W max, so the fuse should be around 2 Amp, no ? Also, did you take a slow-blow fuse or a fast-acting fuse , I guess a slow one should be better because of the W variations, no ?

No bother, glad to help.
When you work it out, it comes in at 1.5/2.0 Amp fuse. I just went with a 1 Amp to be safer and it hasn’t blown yet. I’ve just used a standard automotive fuse, I’m hoping its ok to use it.

Oky, thanks a lot. Yes, i guess 1 Amp is enough and more secure for sure. I’ll try this too. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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