RUTX50 WIFI at night off?

Is there a way to automatically turn off the WiFi at night on the RUTX50?

You could plug the RUTX50 into a cheap mains socket timer if it’s connected to the mains power outlet. Other than that, I don’t know of anyway just to turn off the Wi-Fi at night. Not sure why you would want to, to be honest.

Hi Mr. verylarge :wink:

On our RUT240s there are simple commands

  • wifi off


  • wifi on

which you can start from the file


Try if they work for you too.

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The router is too complicated for me and connecting to a hotspot with captive portal didn’t work either… the support is subpar for the price… the device is being returned


yes, you’re right. That’s not a toy but a business grade device.

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