RUTX50 VLAN over VPN to FortiNet


I am struggling to get a VLAN working over a VPN to a FortiNet router.

I’ve setup an IPSec VPN to the FortiNet which is showing up from both sides.
I’ve created a VLAN 100
I’ve created an interface called VPN with 10.1.X.X/24 range on and assigned it to eth0.100

On the Interface > General where I’ve created one called VPN with the 10.1.X.X, I’ve not put a gateway in. Does there need to be one? Is this the internal IP of the other side of the VPN?

I’ve also allowed the VPN to access all areas on the firewall and turned the Local Firewall off on the VPN.

Any help would be appreciated.



Could you please clarify what exactly is not working? Are you unable to establish an IPSec connection or does the connection establish, but you are unable to reach devices over IPSec?

Could you please share screenshots of your configurations? Before doing so, please hide/blur any sensitive information that may potentially be visible on the screenshots, such as Serial Numbers, public IP addresses, etc.

It would also be great if you could include IPSec logs that can be found in the system logs. System logs can be accessed in System → Maintenance → Troubleshoot → Show System logs.

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Hi Andzej

The VPN connection is UP and showing as connected so that should be working.

The issue I have is I cannot get a connection over the VPN to the other site.

Here is the “VPN” Interface I created.

Here is the VLAN 100 config:

The Zone called “10_92” is here:

These are all the Zones

Here is the VPN config:

I don’t have those options for System logs on mine, the logs I did find, none were showing IPSec. But the connection is showing up when i do an “ipsec status”.

I am on version RUTR_R_00.07.04.3


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