RUTX50 USB Tools stopped loading

Hi, I setup a SMB share and I cannot access through the interface. I get the loading wheel and then the error stating cannot access data. This happens when I click on USB tools and I get failed to mount data when clicking network shares. I can access the shares from both Android phone and macbook and see the files. How can I resolve this?
I am running the most recent firmware.


Apologies for a late reply.

What is the firmware version of the RUTX50?

Could you please clarify if it was working before? If so, what has changed?

Also, what is the size of your USB drive? Is it formatted in exFAT?

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Hi, I am running most recent firmware - RUTX_R_00.07.04.5. I was able to setup and see the mounted drives before on the router - I `am not sure what changed as I set them up and it was all fine. I checked after the firmware update and then had this issue. The only other thing that I have done is used CLI to create folders on the drive using mkdir.
The drive is a samsung T7 Portable SSD - 2TB and I used the RUTX50 to format it. I did notice when uploading files to it from MacBook it did seem really slow despite being on 5 ghz network. I have just checked again and its working now and I can access through the interface - the only thing that has changed is I have an auto-restart on a Monday. I will monitor and come back if it does it again unless you have any suggestions around my config, etc. Thanks.


Is my understanding correct that the issue occured only once and it is now working properly?

Next time it happens, try looking into system logs in System → Administration → Troubleshoot. Also, check if device reboot fixes the issue.

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Hi, yes its working, checked again and uploaded some files and it is ok. Maybe the auto reboot fixed the issue. I will monitor and check logs if it happens again but also do a reboot straight away to see if that fixes it.

Thanks for the pointer for the logs, it has opened up another issue as I see I have mesh failures so I will log another topic :slight_smile:

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